Racks, Machines and Benches

(9) Racks, Machines and Benches

The GETRA Master Club Rack is considered an all-rounder among fitness equipment - although it is only a rectangular construction made of steel.

The unique thing about a rack is that you can use heavy weights and still exercise safely. Every shelf has so-called safety brackets. These are especially important for the squat and bench press. They serve as a safety device:
They intercept the weight in a targeted manner in the event of muscle failure.

The GETRA Master Club Rack allow virtually any free weight exercise to be performed safely and effectively. Squats, bench presses, negative bench bridges, rows, pull-ups and many other free dumbbell and barbell exercises are of course possible.
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Crunch Bench Crunch Bench
Art.No.: FI 80006
Cable Crossover Cable Crossover
Art.No.: FI 80115
Press Bench Press Bench
Art.No.: FI 80001
Universal Bench Universal Bench
Art.No.: FI 80000
Squat Rack Squat Rack
Art.No.: FI 80016
Bar&Disc Rack Bar&Disc Rack
Art.No.: FI 80050
Disc Rack Disc Rack
Art.No.: FI 80051
Products per page: 10 20 50 100